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"Material not defined for one or more shells" problem

Question asked by Unspecified Unspecified on Feb 26, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2013 by Mikael Martinsson

As stated in the title i have a problem with static simulation in SolidWorks 2011. I'm doing this for an assignement (I'm a student). This is a frame for an agricultural device, made out of two rectangular and two circular beams and sheet metal. I made midsurfaces for all the parts and deleted the bodys. In the Study i defined shells from midsurfaces. I am able to mesh the assembly, i also defined the material (alloy steel) but when i try to run a basic load and fixture example it plots a warning: "Material not specified to one or more shells". I have no idea what is the case with this as all the parts have material defined in the simulation tree.


I also attached the assembly in this post. I hope someone has the solution because this is pretty important to me.