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Need help with surface

Question asked by Jens Leander on Feb 26, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2013 by Charles Culp

Hey Guys


I am an machine engeneering stud from denmark, I am trying to learn something more about surfacing in solidworks. But now I am facing a problem with a "hobby" projekt i am doing, just for fun.


I really hope someone can help me on this. Not just finishing my model, but also teaching me something.

I have modelled this, it is a seet for a chair. But i am pretty much struggeling with adding something underneath it for mounting a chair leg.


I can easily add something which look awful, but I need to blend it perfectly and tangent into the curves of the chair. I thought about something as simple as a hole, but i need to extrude something to do that hole in.


I have attached my solidworks file. 


Let me know if i am not clear enough



/ Jens


Sorry for bad english.