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SW2013 SP0 to SP2 Upgrade

Question asked by Jason Ciotti on Feb 25, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2013 by Christian Chu

I am a Sys Admin trying to figure out how to get the SW2013 SP2 to update on one of our workstations. The Proxy blocks the background downloader so I requested a media CD from our reseller after having issues trying to instal everything individually. I have been fighting this thing for nearly 2 weeks trying to find something that will work. The installation manager apparently has no idea how to read subfolders and never seems to find the prerequisite files even though all o fthem are in the directory. So I resorted to moving the files into the parent directory and then it runs. However, after about 20 minutes of doing pretty much nothing, it comes back and says it can't verify some of the files. The issue is of course, at least with the VCDist files, that there are 3 sets of files for 8/9/10 and all the files are named the same.


If I try to run the installation update doing a manual install to try to get through the proxy correctly from just the SP0 install, it will give me an error that just says "Downloads are Disabled." I have no idea what that means. The background downloader could be on or off but it makes no difference. It has nothing that tells me how to enable "downloads." I have uninstalled my anti-virus, removed GPOs and done pretty much everything else I can think of minus just completely removing SW and starting over. But seeing threads for "making sure you remove it cleanly" bothers me as well.


I am pretty much at patience's end with this whole thing and I can't believe a product that has been around for this long has such a terrible installation/upgrade process. I can't believe there isn't just one master file to download for whatever service pack that install what's required of the existing installation.


Any advice on how to proceed would be very appreciated because I had no luck at all searching this forum or the rest of the internet for a solution to my problem.