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Hole wizard/tool box/master database errors

Question asked by Wesley Shafer on Feb 25, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2015 by Michael Myers

Last Monday when I came into work my hole wizard stopped working.  Whenever I click the hold wizard I get an "out of memory or other error trying to initalize data source from standars file" followed by a "unable to setup a profile configuration error".


If I got into the holewizard setup options I get a "unable to open master database due to to the following database access error:"


I've reinstalled Solidworks 2012 SP5.0 twice.  I've had several lengthy calls with our VAR and remote sessions and they are lost at this point.  This is a network install if that helps any.


I've searched more than I can imagine and it seems most of the same errors are from 2007-2009 and any of the fixes in those thread seem not to help.


I'm at a loss....any ideas?