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    Alicia Starr

      I need help with ACIS .sat

      I need to convert 3d models from SOLIDWORKS to REVIT

      I have download it REVIT 2013 as a trial version,

      When I make the conversion from  ACIS . I open it in  in REVIT    it gives me errors like “ SOME SAT ELEMENTS WERE LOST DURING IMPORT” and I do not see anything on the screen  Also some other versions gave me  errors. I download a file from the 3d centra with the extension .SAT and it gave me the same problem

      I have tried  8 versions and no luck .

      So I need manly to know what version ok ACIS do I have to convert my files (Version 1 to 21) so that REVIT could read it?

      anybody can help me please?

      Also anybody knows if there  is there a plugin that I can use?

          John Burrill

          Alicia, you might try importing the ACIS model into draftsight or AutoCAD first saving it as a DWG and taking it to Revit from there.  I expect that Revit has a lot more import options for AutoCAD.

          When saving the model out of Solidworks you'll want to make sure that you're ACIS version is set to Rev 10 or older-otherwise Draftsight won't be able to read it.

          Good luck.

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              Alicia Starr

              Thanks John, but I do not have Autocad or draftsight, but I have read that draftsight  is  free so I will download it and try this

              About ACIS to import into Revit I was able to talk to a rep from Autodesk and he told me that REV 7

              I tried this and I was able to import it but it does not have a color is like an empty model when I render it is weird, or maybe I have to learn more about Revit.

              I will try the Draftsight with ACIS version 10 and I will see the final product. I will post something

              thanks a million

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              Jay Hagan



              SAT (ACIS) file formats later than version 7.0 do not import into Revit.



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                Brian Geiger

                I'm involved in the same activity Alicia.  It sounds like you've already found that version 7 will work for you.


                It works for me but the only hiccup I've found is having to change the orientation of the SoldidWorks model before I export.  Giving it a 90deg rotation about the X axis does the trick.  I tried toggling the "orient to view" setting on the Revit import options but don't see any difference.  At least this export-import flow works.

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                  Vineeth S.

                  Hi Alicia,


                  If you are still facing the problem in exporting your SolidWorks model to Revit. You can contact sales@bim-dex.com. They would be the best to advise on your requirement. Exporting your SolidWorks model to Revit as SAT or IFC has many limitations and disadvantages. Try their product and see if its fix your query