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Question asked by Alicia Starr on Feb 25, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2017 by Vineeth S.

I need help with ACIS .sat

I need to convert 3d models from SOLIDWORKS to REVIT

I have download it REVIT 2013 as a trial version,

When I make the conversion from  ACIS . I open it in  in REVIT    it gives me errors like “ SOME SAT ELEMENTS WERE LOST DURING IMPORT” and I do not see anything on the screen  Also some other versions gave me  errors. I download a file from the 3d centra with the extension .SAT and it gave me the same problem

I have tried  8 versions and no luck .

So I need manly to know what version ok ACIS do I have to convert my files (Version 1 to 21) so that REVIT could read it?

anybody can help me please?

Also anybody knows if there  is there a plugin that I can use?