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    EPDM Notifications

    Ryan Dietz

      Ok we have a good one.


      We are running EPDM 2012 SP1 and have not turned our system notifications on just yet. We wanted to see who would scream and when. Well they have started. Here is my issue. We use EPDM as a tool for the Sales force to submit projects requests (designs, samples, costing....) into the buisness. What sales wants is to have a notification given to them when the project leaves the engineering state. Easy enough....here is where it gets hard.


      We have a 100 or sales people, 5 or 6 sales managers, and 3 sales coordinators. No one wants the other guys notifications.


      For example:


      Joe is a sales Manager who has one sales coordinator and 16 sales people that report to him. He wants his sales coordinator as well as himself copied on all notifications that his people put in but he does not want anyone else's. He also wants the notification to go to each of his reps but only the one's that are assigned to that project.



      Is this possible? Help.


      It just so happens that we have identified the account manager as well as the sales manager on the cards as varibles if that helps????

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          Ravi Teja

          Hi Ryan,

                    You can do this using multiple transitions.


          the link may help





          Ravi T

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            Corey Hinman

            I would probably take the dynamic notification route on this one. Whomever submits the document would select who gets notified.

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                Gary Radish

                I agree with Corey, Dynamic Notification would be best allows you to pick and choose!

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                    Jason Capriotti

                    I would think multiple transitions makes it more foolproof.


                    You could create a group for each sales team, then put the members in each group. Then in your notifications you can have it send to group.


                    However if you have alot of states the users transitiont herough this could get complicated quick.....or maybe just busy on screen trying to manage it.


                    We wrote our own notification program to do something like this. It send out notifications to a set group of users like the built in system but we also have the option to include variables on the data card like "ProjectManager" "Engineer" etc.

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                        Russell Abraham

                        We have used multiple transitions to great effect for doing this sort of thing.

                        Just set up different transitions called the same thing but it can only pass through the transition when a certain variable is on the card. In the transition you can then set it to send an email to the specified user.

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                    Eric Endlich

                    You could just setup a workflow for each sales manager and use groups to give and restrict permissions. Then setup the notifications per workflow. You can use the same workflow transition names so your users would know the difference. The only down side is that if you make a change to one of them, you will have to go and make the same change for each other workflow. Its a simple concept and EPDM can do a lot, the trick is to not over think what you want to do.

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                        Corey Hinman

                        This answer may be more of a "what is the admin comfortable with".....


                        I've set up a multiple workflow email sorting ECR system before, as well as using dynamic notifications. Recently I even used dispatch to help sort through card variables to populate emails (though it does require me to click "send").....


                        It all comes down to what the admin can do, and is comfortable with. You don't want to have to call your VAR to troubleshoot your workflows.


                        my $.02