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    Slow graphics after latest update

    Suzie Brown



      I'm running 2013 SolidWorks on a Mac Mini via a bootcamp Windows installation. It actually worked suprisingly well with the Intel HD4000 graphics card straight from the DVD installation, but when I installed the software updates a few weeks later everything is now running painfully slow. Nothing else has been changed on the software options or the computer settings. Any ideas?


      Thanks in advance.

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          Anna Wood

          With SolidWorks launched, but no files open, check to see that the 'Use software OpenGL' is not checked on the Tools > Options > System Options > Performance tab.  It is near the bottom.


          If that is checked SolidWorks will bypass the video card and use the cpu to generate the on-screen graphics.


          You may also want to update to the lastest drivers for the HD4000 graphics card.