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    CSWP Section 1 Exam

    Stephen Copeland

      Dear All,


      I have just had another go at the CSWP section 1 exam and failed again . Not too sure that Swx 2012 SP1 didnt help, but it could have just been me.


      Can anyone tell me if it is advantages to update the model with the new dimensions when doing the changes to the model before you carry out the modification or after? Its something that came to mind in the exam and put me off a little, as i never thought about it.


      I also tried to re-order a part which 2012 wouldnt allow me to do, so i waisted time sorting that out, had to frig it in the end, which was pointless really. When i went back into the drawing after the exam it re-orded perfectly well. So i thought it was something to do with when i updated the changes to the model?


      Anyone else failed and what issues did you run into?


      Also just seen some good comments on doing the cswp, wish i had found them out earlier!


      Back to the drawing board, so to speak



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          Dave Laban

          FWIW I updated the variables before I did any of the further changes.  Managed to dig myself in to a hole part way through on the exam I took, Delete- and Move-Face commands saved me really!  Feature Manager Tree was ugly by the end.


          Have you had success with the practice exam on the website?  As I found it very representative of Section 1.

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              Stephen Copeland

              I did go through the example exam but was now where near the 30mins they say i needed to do it in, did it in 50mins, which i though would be enough. I guess they were right and i was wrong, it would be the first time. Have to wait another 14 days. Will be back at work by then, so will have a go next month maybe. I will have to have a real go through the exapmles again i think. Im tempted to have a go at the other two sections as configs and mates is what i have been doing alot of over the last year. Just to save a little face, frustrating sometimes.