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Toolbox Error with created parts SW 2013

Question asked by Matt McNeely on Feb 25, 2013

So here at our buisness we share a toolbox over the network. We have many different clients so all the designers are taught to create toolbox parts for each job. We have a folder in each job that is just the fastners for that job. Since we have migrated to Solidworks 2013 we have been having this issue with all of our models with fastners. Even when we do a pack and go we get this error. It states that it could not find the standards database when we disconnect from the network to make sure the assembly opens up correctly. We have never had this issue before 2013 and we are not new to the game of making fastners job dependent. As well when we send this out to our clients they are recieving the error as well. Yet the fastners are opening up perfectly fine on or off the network, but the error is only coming up while off the network. While it has not afffected anything but wasting time clicking "ok" to accept the error it is starting to get old on some of our larger assemblies with multiple fastners. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated, and thank you in advance.