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Template Won't Accept Input

Question asked by Charles Gary on Feb 22, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2013 by Blake Reeves

I am trying to create a costing template.  Below is what the Help files have for instructions.


"You can create new machined part templates for use with the Costing tool.

  1. In a machined part, click Costing tool_costing_tools.gif (Tools toolbar) or Tools > Costing. 
  2. In the Costing Task Pane, under Machining Template, click Launch Template Editor. 
  3. In the Costing Template Editor, click New Tool_New_Standard.gif. 
  4. In the New Costing Template dialog box, click Template for machined parts costing_machining_template.gif, then click OK. 
  5. Enter data on the Stock Material screen.  
    You cannot save the template until you enter data on the Stock Material screen.
  6. Enter data on the General, Cut (Plate Stock), Mill, Drill, Library Features, and Custom screens as necessary. 
  7. Click Save Tool_Save_Standard.gif. 
  8. In the Save As dialog box, for File name, type a template name and click Save. 
  9. Close the Costing Template Editor."


Step 6 is where I am being thwarted.  I am trying to put data into the Operations section of the template, but when I look at the menu on the left the word Operations is gray, not black, and when I try to define things on the "Cut(Plate Stock)" page I can type machine names into the section where they go and assign costs for the machines and labor, but I am not allowed to select a default machine for a selected material.  I can click the save icon until my fingers fall off, but if I switch pages and then come back all lof the machine information I entered is gone.  If I go down to the "Filters" section and click on "Machine", the only word shown in the drop-down menu is "Select Machine", and not a choice between any of the machines I've listed for cutting material.  There are quite a few other problems on other pages in the Operations section, and it leaves me wondering where I'm going wrong.  Right now I have so many questions on how to make this feature work for me I am at a loss where to begin.