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    Wind turbine blade FEA simulation tutorials

    Bryan Chua

      Hi guys, I had some troubles in analysing loads caused by aerodynamics, gravity and centrifugal force onto the blades. Is there any tutorials or information to work out the force applied on each element? Currently I had finished my NREL 5MW blade modelling and on progression to stress analysis.


      Thanks for your time.

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          Henry Kurniadi

          Generally wind turbine design should conform to either IEC 61400-1 (for large wind turbine), -2 (for small wind turbines) or -3 (for offshore wind turbine).

          Special for IEC 61400-2 (for small wind turbines), there is a concept called Simple Load Method.

          The stress analysis should be done in these scenarios.

          Load Case A: Fatigue during Operation (assuming turbine rotate in fluctuation between 2xdesign rpm and 0.5x design rpm for 20 years)

          You need a fatigue analysis for this.

          Load Case B: Yaw

          Load Case C: Yaw error

          Load case D: Max Thrust

          Load Case E: Max Rotation (turbine rotates at 2x design rpm)

          Load Case F: Shorted condition

          Load CAse G: Braking shutdown

          Load Case H: Survival wind (rotor did not rotates, but exposed to extreme wind)

          Load Case I:

          Load Case J: Assembly load.


          Basically you need to calculate each load magnitude (forces and moments) for (at least) blade and shaft.

          Details of equations should be consulted in the aforementioned standard.

          You need to input these loads to each component in SolidWorks Simulation.