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Quick question(s) regarding upgraded Toolbox

Question asked by Jack Parlane on Feb 22, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2013 by Jack Parlane

I've just successfully upgraded to SW2013 and updated my existing Toolbox no problems and all fucntioning as expected, great!...however I did notice something that i'm hoping someone can answer. When i opened one of the Bolts that was in my assembly I noticed solidworks prompting me that the file the it's an "Older version file" the little prompt you get at the top when you open a legacy file type. I noticed this only applied to toolbox items I had previously genterated configurations for in older SW versions and anything new that hadn't ever been used before would not get the prompt.


So the question is, does it matter that these are still in the older version? does that impact performace at all, and if so how do i go about updated them? I'd assumed it would of updated them during the upgrade process but it seems not.