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Question asked by Craig Lalumiere on Feb 22, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2013 by Tim Read

I am hoping I am missing something here. In a search card, when you search by a variable, does it have to be an exact match to what is in the variable?

If you see below when you search it one way there is a different set of results then if you search it another, with the search text being the same just in a different order. When you do a variable search it only comes back with one result not all of them. The EPDM variable search is clunky. It would be great if the user just typed into a single felid and did not have multiple pull downs.

Can anyone tell me...


How does it work in the background?

How do I set up a search in that has both of the information but in any order?

Should we be separating the information into different meta tags, such a the size?