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    Imported parts are invisible

    James Mann

      I am running Solidworks 2012 on a virtual machine (Windows 7) through a Zero Client. Besides being a little sluggish everything seems to work fine when building a part. The problem is that when you import a part or assembly the parts are invisible unless you have it/them selected.


      Here is a random part I made and imported into a new assembly (I am hovering over the part so that it puts a box around it. Earlier you could see the bottom shadow of it but now you can't even see that):



      And here is that part when I have it selected:



      I'm no Solidworks pro but I have experimented with changing the component display options and tried different materials. It's not hidden in the Solid Bodies folder either or anything like that as far as I can tell.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.






      PS: I also just tried saving the assembly and reopening it, but when I reopened it it went back to showing me the shadow of the part while the rest was invisible.