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    Computer freezes with solidworks

    Dee Pritschow

      I am using SolidWorks 2013.  I have a 64 bit, Windows 7, 8 gig memory. 


      I have recenting updated drivers for solidworks.  I am using the graphic card Nvidia Quadro 4000.  Updated drivers for this also.  I have ran the video card test that solidworks has and have no problems. 


      I am using Autocad2004, outlook, filemaker.  I can open and work with these programs with no problems.  When I open solidworks my computer randomly crashes.  I can be working with a file in solidworks or I can have solidworks closed.  It does not matter.  My computer will freeze up to 2-3 times per day.    My computer also is froze in the morning.  When I mean freezing or froze I mean no keyboard, no mouse.  I have a picture on my monitor so the monitor is not black.  I have to do a hard boot in order to get the computer back to working.  Any suggestions will be immensely appreciated!!! 

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          Suraj Sethi

          Run your task manager and check what the CPU and memory usage for Solidworks is. If it is indeed Solidworks thats causing your machine to freeze, my guess is that your memory usage should be maxed out.


          Also, have you tried running Solidworks in both Safe Mode and Open GL mode? (You can do so using Solidworks Rx which you'l find in your start menu under Solidworks Tools.)



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            Anna Wood

            Also be sure there is no other component on the computer starting to fail.  SolidWorks will push computer hardware to the max and will have issues, while other software that doesn't push your computer as hard will work fine.





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              Peter Farnham

              I had my Var look as my pc and they found that the hard drive was causing freeze issues and even blue screens.

              This hard drive was less than a year old and so I never thought of it.

              These freezes and blue screens only ever occured when using Solidworks.


              I have now installed one of those Seagate 750Gb hybrid drives and so far no more freezing or crashes.


              Worth a try!