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    Flow simulation crashes on basic model

    Matt Snook

      Hi, i'm a Motorsport Engineering Student and I've just purchased and installed the student edition of SW 2012 and I'm having a few issues.

      I tried to use Flow simulation on a vehicle model. This was set up using the simulation with the wizard and then after pressing run a dialog box appears 'Solidworks has stopped working'.

      I initially thought there was a problem with the model, so I quickly made a very simple model and the same thing occurs.


      I cannot find any similar issues in the search of this forum.


      The computer is a new build:

      Windows 7 pro 64-bit


      Intel i7 3770k 3.5ghz

      8GB Ram

      AMD Firepro V3900 graphics


      Please can you help me solve this as I need the software for my final year project.



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          Timothy Holman

          I have seen flow act crazy when trying to run because of permissions.  Have you tried doing this logged in as admin?

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              Matt Snook

              Hi, thanks for your reply.


              My user login is the only one on the computer, which is an administrator account.


              I have tried reinstalling the graphics driver via the solidworks site (someone else on here had a similar problem and that solved it for them).

              No luck for me though!


              I also hadn't activated the software before but now I have. Still the same problem.

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              Jared Conway

              hi matt, so you have the 2012-2013 version installed? can you go to help > about solidworks and tell me what version and service pack it says you're running? it will be the first and second lines.


              my first thought is, where are the files? we've seen some issues where files are located in a sync'd dropbox or vault of some sort cause this issue.


              my second thought is, do you have office installed? if so, what version/service pack? 32bit or 64bit?


              my third is graphics card driver. with no files open, can you go to tools > options > systems options > performance > enable "software opengl" and see if the problem happens again. (use your simple example like a tube with flow on one end and pressure on the other)


              if everything here checks out, i'd go with timothy on an install problem. i'd get everything uninstalled (through remove a program, clear all old directories, clear the reg..etc using a guide from the reseller you work with) and then resinstall and make sure your AV and AS tools are disabled and that you have admin rights and that UAC is disabled.