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Solidworks Composer (aka 3D Via) - Is this the right move?

Question asked by Brian Watts on Feb 22, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2013 by John Matrishon

Solidworks People,


I would appreciate your views and comments on the following:


Recently we had a demostration from our VAR on this product and general opinion from those who watched it, were impressed. I have been tasked by my MD to find more views and opinions on Solidworks Composer, hence here we are!


We are in the marine business (water jet propulsion) and have a service department which provides a 'after sales' / warranty customer service for routine maintenance, service and spares. They will also be providing manuals for our products, so using our models from engineering will be a great start.


What I want to also hear from those who use this: what are the benifits and have you seen improvement in the business i.e. better work flow, reduced costing, improve communication.


How quickly can someone be able use this? I understand that you do not need CAD experience, hence the service deptartment would find this suitable. Although I personally would like some input as I am still learing our products and this could be a benifit for both parties.


The costing has been drafted to me, of which is not an issue at this stage, but to help me put foward a case, your valued opinions will be gratefully appreciated.


Many thanks in advance....Brian


(we currenly store all our SW models in the PDM Workgroup / Vault)