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    screw and hole mates needed

    Kent Kwan

      Dear all,


      I am still not good at SW.  I tried very hard to put the screw assembly (screw and split washer) into a hole on plate as attached here, but still couldn't make it.  Can you anyone out there give me some hints on types  of mates that I need to create to insert the screw assembly into the hole?


      Thank you so much for help in advance.


      Kentscrew and hole.JPG

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          Alan Stoldt



          I would go to VIEW >TEMPORARY AXES.


          Temp Axis.jpg


          This should show the Centerline ofr the Hole and the Screw. Hold down the CRTL key and Click on both lines and then click the Parperclip Icon (Mates). Choose COINCIDENT. This should center the Screw on the Hole.


          Choose the Face of the Panel, and the Face of the Washer in the Same manner, and click the Paperclip Icon (Mates) and choose COINCIDENT again.


          Hope this is of use to you,




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            John Koop

            The way Alan showed you is a good way to do it, but there is another way.  Hold the ALT key down and select the inner edge of the washer.


            Now drag the inner edge of the washer to the hole.  When the washer is in place release the left mouse button.



            If you open the Mates folder in the Feature Manager, the last two Mates in the list should be the Mates you just added.  It should have added Concentric and Coincident mates.


            By doing it this way, you are letting SolidWorks add the mates for you.  This is called Smart Mates.  It can be a good way to learn which Mates to use.


            You sound like you could maybe use some help with SolidWorks.  My company offers training for the program.  From now until the end of the month, we are offering a free look at our new Online Training Service.  You will have access to our whole library of SolidWorks (and Inventor) tutorials through February 28th.  If your interested, here is a link: