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I Want to Choose Between Machined and Sheet Metal

Question asked by Charles Gary on Feb 22, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2014 by 1-31QYAZ4

"You can run the Costing tool for sheet metal or machined parts with the same command. You are no longer required to choose between the sheet metal or machining Costing tools."


This works when I have a sheet metal part that's bent and a machined part that's flat, but it's not so great when I have a sheet metal part that's flat.  I am unable to find a way to change from default settings that choose Machining for me, when I want Sheet Metal.  The machining template does not have material thicknesses anywhere close to a sheet metal part, so it is adding facing operations to get the material down to the designed thickness.  It also is assigning improper operations that could be done more efficiently with waterjet or laser cutting.  What am I missing?