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    High lighted Planes showing up inconsistently

    Joe Kuzich

      Good morning everyone,


      We just upgraded to SW Premium 2013 x64. One thing that I have gotten into the habit of is hovering over different planes in the tree to verify what orientation various parts are in related to other parts or the base assembly.  As I hover over them they show up on the part, like a temporarily highlighted feature. If I select the plane in the tree it stays highlighted as I have selected it.  For some reason since the upgrade the high lighting some times does not show up or only shows up on a fraction of the plan, say like a very small corner that may be hidden off screen while the majority of the planes out line would have been in the viewable area.  I have not noticed any pattern to why &/or when this happens, it seams very sporadic.  Has anyone else experienced this?  Does anyone know how I can resolve it to always high light?