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    Edrawings 2013 crash

    Tim Dunbar

      Since upgrading to edrawings 2013 we have been seeing a lot of crashes on anything over 5mb.  Anyone else seeing this, is there resolve for this?  Also the Document API manager is giving us grief.  Any drawing that I have a custom material called out on is displaying the path where the custom material is, but not the material.  So overall i'm very dissapointed in edrawing 2013.

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          Richard Affeldt

          eDrawings crashes on me on a regular basis. Its so frustrating. This is the first I have asked for help as I'm tired of dealing with it.  I realise the file that I open is large but I have hidden everthing that Im not using and one wrong click and thats all it takes to lose a bunch of work.

          eDrawings Crash 1.JPGeDrawings Crash 2.JPGeDrawings Crash 3.JPGeDrawings Version.JPGSystemProperties.JPGFileSizes.JPG

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              Thomas Holmes

              I noticed both of these reports are from February.  I just downloaded eDrawing on my new MacBook and it is crashing constantly.  Is anyone at Solidworks working on or addrressing this problem?  I haven't been able to find any fixes on any of the forums. This is a wonderful tool and I hope they respond.