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Weldments BOM Question

Question asked by Oleg Inotaev on Feb 21, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2013 by Oleg Inotaev

Hello ,


I'm having some troubles with the BOM, I have an assembly of some profiles made by weldments (each profile is a different part file) , in each part i have added a custom property called length and it's linked to the profile length (stractual memeber).

Then in the drawing of the assy I insert a weldmnets bom where i get a length column as expected, the i add new column call it SUMMERY , it's job is to multiply the qty of each profile by it's length. And at the end of this column i add a TOTAL cell that concludes to me all the length I had used in this frame assy.


So far so good, my problem begins when i change the wty of one of the profiles , the BOM is updated , but the cell powered by equation is not updated!

I mean, if previously i had 3 inst' of 150 legnth profile , the TOTAL cell calculated total length of 450, the I change the qty to 4 , and it's havent changed.


(p.s the qty column is changed to 4, by the cell powered by equation is'nt)


thanks ahead