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Creating wire profiles for Wire EDM machines

Question asked by Chris Wurtele on Feb 21, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2013 by JOHN GEORGE

Good morning everyone, My question today is do many of you have experience with creating profiles from Solidworks for use in Wire EDM machines? This is our situation, We use Solidworks to design our mold assemblies and our shop uses Smartcam for their machine work and PEPS for their wire EDM profiles. (First of all I have heard that PEPS is not a very good tool but it is what we have to work with) If I have a part that needs to be wire EDM'ed I need to provide our operator with a profile on the top and bottom plane of the plate to be machined. From there he will create the wire path to cut the part. When he imports a Solidworks part into PEPS he gets polylines. When I export an IGES file and he imports it he gets polylines. He needs arcs and lines to get a smooth transitions and to program his profile.


I have attached a part the is causing a little bit of a challenge. To start off with this part had a recessed pocket on one side so I needed to extend the surfaces to the top plane of the plate. I accomplished this by creating a zero offset of the surfaces, extending, and trimming until I was able to stitch together a surface body. I exported this and he got polylines. I get polylines because the radius is not perpendicular to the top of the plate. I am at a loss, Has anyone had issues like this? Do you have a suggestion on how you accomplish this task? What do you do in your shop.