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    Moving View

    Ward Braun

      I need to move a projected view from it's parent to a different sheet. The problem is there are section views in the view to be moved and those section views are on other multiple sheets.

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          Paul Cullen

          Hi Ward


          I would do it one of the following 2 ways


          1. Move the parent view of the drawing sheet ( a view moved off the drawing sheet will not show up when printed only views on the drawing sheet will show when printed. You can then insert a new drawing sheet and copy the parent view and any necessary dimensions or notes to this new sheet. If you want to hide the drawing view as far as I can remember you can right click on the view and hide it.


          2. Copy the sheet with the parent and child drawing views and paste the entire sheet into your drawing then you can hide any views you don,t want.


          Hope this is a help