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    EPDM messaging stops working sometimes.

    Gary Williams

      We are running Enterprise PDM 2011.


      I am testing workflows so am using the EPDM messaging system and not using SMTP.

      When a workflow sends an e-mail it goes nowhere, nothing is received in the EPDM inbox.


      It works great for a few days/weeks but stops working for some reason.

      Has anyone experienced this and what causes this?


      Where can I see the que holding e-mails waiting to be sent?





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          Tim Read

          Yes, I've experienced this... every time I've seen it one of our IT people has installed one or more Windows Updates but have not restarted the server.


          Once the server is restarted everything starts working again... including all the pending notifications being sent!

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            Tim Webb

            Restart the EPDM related services on the server.


            If that doesn't shake it loose, reboot the archive server.


            I usually setup the servers to restart Friday nights automatically.

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              Craig Lalumiere

              I’ve had the same issues; my var does not know where to go with it since it’s random and not repeatable. I have an email account made for me that receives all email traffic from the vault. If I don’t see something at least once a day, I do a test email. If that doesn’t go through I restart the Database service and that normally fixes it.

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                Tim Webb

                Another solution I have used is reduce the use of notifications altogether and work from saved searches and dashboards.


                Defeat the whole concern by a change in philosophy "We pay people to do their work, not check their email."


                Set up a saved search for each team based on data card variables & workflow state (also folder location, filetype, etc.) and that becomes their to-do list for each day. They just need to refresh it every 10 minutes or so.


                I know, I know, I know...pushing the refresh button is haaarrrrddd... I'm totally poking fun now.


                Anyway, that's my philosophy. A little outside the box but it works far better than relying on notifications.


                For what its worth!


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                  Amos Avery

                  This has happend a few times for us as well.  Restarting the server services has fixed it each time.  Our VAR helped us to exclude the EPDM program directories from a regular virus scan hoping that would help.  It hasn't come up since then (Jan13).

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                    Greg Rupp

                    This is likely happening because the "Solidworks Enterprise PDM Database server" service is not running or needs to be restarted.


                    Also, your dbo.messages table could be very full/large or even have an error. If you have a large backlog of messages, you may want clean house and empty out that table.


                    (excerpt from Adminstration guide)


                    SolidWorks Enterprise PDM Database Server

                    The SolidWorks Enterprise PDM database server polls Enterprise PDM databases for new

                    automated messages and schedule changes, and updates central SQL lists.

                    The server software can be installed on the SQL server machine that hosts the Enterprise

                    PDM vaults or on another server that connects to the SQL server.

                    The database server supports the following Enterprise PDM operations:


                    Automatic notifications - Workflow and other automatic notifications, such as change

                    state, check out, check in, add, and deadline.

                    View updates - Automatic updates (refresh) of listings in file vault views and add-ins

                    Card list updates - Periodic updates of card lists that use SQL queries for their content

                    Cold store scheduling - Updates of archive servers with changes made to cold store schedules

                    Replication scheduling – Updates of archive servers with changes made to replication schedules

                    Index server - administration Administration of the indexing service for content searches

                    Data import/export - Execution of data import and export rules at predefined intervals.

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                      Bill Stadler

                      We are having his same issue with EPDM 2012 SP4. For whatever reason it started a couple of months ago and been dealing with it since.  We bounce the server and x amount of hours later they slowly start trickling out.  This time around we looked in the DB and there we 18 pending.  Bounced the server agaiin.  This is the second time in last couple of months.  What a pain in the butt this is turning out to be.