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    Recommended books to prepare for PDM

    Brian McEwen

      We will probably deploy EPDM this year - moving from having no PDM system. Can folks recommend some good books on PDM and getting organized? 


      I have Engineering Documentation Control by Frank Watts.  It has been very helpful to give some perspective on our procedures.  General stuff instead of about PDM.


      And I was thinking of getting the SolidWorks Administration Bible (2009 by Matt Lombard).  But I looked at the table of contents for the bible and it seems to only talk about WPDM, not Enterprise.  Still covers good general principles for setting up the system perhaps?


      Volker Kramer wrote one called Solidworks Enterprise PDM 2011 By title this does sound like what I'm looking for, but I think it is in German.


      I have heard Bills Of Material For A Lean Enterprise by Dave Garwood is good.


      I found SolidWorks Enterprise PDM Management Guide, which sounds great... but it appears to be in Chinese. 


      Please post about any book you think may be remotely relevant, even if it is a stretch it'll be fun to hear about some new titles. 

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          Rick McDonald


          I have the SolidWorks Administration Bible from Matt.

          I am researching PDMw to see if it can replace the PDM we have here that was not intended for cad files.

          I have only skimmed over the PDM section of Matts book.

          You are correct that it is based on Workgroup PDM but he goes into a lot more than the Workgroup product specific items.

          Matt gives a good overview of whatever subject he is discussing without overburdening you with the nitty gritty extreme details that you don't need and would put you to sleep.

          That being said, he gives good overviews and more than sufficient details you need to setup and use whatever subject he is discussing.

          If you haven't used the products yet or are not following along it can get confusing but if you are using as you read it is good.

          He gives Best practices and a lot of general PDM management and operation information that should fit any PDM system.

          Any book is going to have good and bad points and being a technical subject it will depend heavily on your current knowledge as to how well you like it or how good it works for you, but I have several of his books and some training videos and in general they work good for me. 

          I would also suggest looking for this in ebook form - it will save a few $ and you don't have to carry it around with you.

          If you want the hard copy, I found it at a good discount at Nerdbooks.  http://www.nerdbooks.com/

          I just looked and it is out of stock (but they can usually order it) and is $32.99 instead of $59.00 list.  I have gotten several books from them at about 50% off cover price.

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            Joy Garon

            Brian -


            I doubt that you will find commercially available books specific to the implementation and usage of EPDM.

            I highly recommend you take a class (and hence will receive training manuals) with your local VAR.


            The product is much more complex than the Workgroup PDM and you would certainly benefit from the interaction.

            It takes time to maser the product fully as I'm sure others in this forum will tell you.




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              Dan Bertschi

              Hi Brian,

              I haven't seen the training manuals that Joy is referring to, but after taking her class at SWWorld, I'd listen to her! (unless you're stubborn like me, and like to figure things out on your own...)


              I've been using the ePDM Admin Guide, Install Guide, Getting Started, and What's New as good references.  Some are available here:




              Others you may need to get from your VAR.  The online ePDM Help is good, too.  Don't forget to research the SWWorld proceedings for applicable ePDM info.  They can be found here:




              They are not yet available from 2013, but be patient, they will be posted.  The 2012 content will be a good start.  Well, that should keep you busy for a little while...   Good Luck!