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    How can we use sensors...?

    Narender Vadla

      Dear All,


      How can i use the sensors option in the soldworks 2012. I have never used sensors option.


      Please can you explain briefly.


      Thank you

      Narender. V

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          Christopher Neville

          I'm not sure if this will answer your question, but I can tell you how I use them...


          I work for a company that manufactures blow molded bottles and containers.  I have found sensors to come in handy to monitor the volume and other critical aspects as I make changes to different aspects of a new container during the design process.  This allows me to quickly see how the volume is changed based on how I "tweak" the design.

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            Dayamoy Mandal

            Dear Narender,


            For use sensor so many application are there ---like mass properties,simulation data, dimension, .......


            1 example you have to create 1 matching component in simple rectangular boss. But complexity is mass should be some xx.


            then only condition satisfied with sensor if your mass more than that software will give you message.