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Digger not displaying previewed contents when relocating center

Question asked by John Burrill on Feb 20, 2013
Latest reply on May 29, 2019 by John Burrill

I'm having a couple of display issues with 3DVia Composer V6R2013x

Basically, I've created a view with a flat technical illustration style and put a digger in it to show some internal details of my part.

I'd like to relocate the digger outside of the view and drag the center of interest back but when I do, the view changes to a wireframe tesselation while I'm dragging the center of interest and then digger is empty when I release the cursor in the location I want.

If I move digger back over the spot, it shows up correctly-except that the contents are a black silhouette instead of the illustration style I wanted.

Does anyone have any advice or feedback on what I'm doing?\

I've attached  a couple of pictures.  The first one shows the empty digger circle that results.


and this one shows the graphics that are displayed while I'm trying to relocate the center of interest.