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Saves unmodified parts

Question asked by Gregory Page on Feb 21, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2020 by Matthias Weber

What is up with Sw12. When I open an assembly, make a change to one or two parts, then save the assembly it "insists" on saving literally dozens of other parts that have had no changes and are not in any way referenced to the parts that were changed.  Today I changed 4 cables and it wanted to save 77 parts including propellers, motors, and other items having no connection other than being in the same top level assembly file, they aren't even in the same low level assembly file as the modified parts.


SW11 was bad at saving unmodified parts, SW12 is absolutly absurd.  It won't let you un-check the parts that don't really need to be saved so why does it bother to give you a check box for them?  It makes determining when parts were ACTUALLY modified impossible.


Is there any way to stop this?