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Change part reference in a drawing

Question asked by Rick McDonald on Feb 20, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2013 by Glenn Schroeder

I create many parts that are very similar but don't want to completely redraw my part and then the drawing.  I also don't want to have a part with different configurations as these parts are used in different products and I don't want the same part number.


I used to use Inventor and this was extremely easy and I can't get the same result in SW. (2012 standard, SP2).

I create a part and the related drawing with all the notes, blocks, etc. that I want.  Lets say it is part ABC01 and drawing ABC01.

Then I do a Save-As (or Save Copy As) on both the part and the drawing with a new part number. Lets say they are part ABC02 and drawing ABC02.

Then close all drawings and parts.

If I was to just open the new drawing (ABC02) at this point it would reference the original part (ABC01) since this was the original referenced part.

I don't want it to reference ABC01, so before opening the new drawing I change the name of the original part so it is not recognized.  Lets say to ABC01x.

Now I open the drawing ABC02 and it will not find the referenced part and ask me to find it.

I will then select ABC02 part in the open window (again this is the operation in Inventor - but SW works similar up to this point).

My drawing will open with the reference to part ABC02  and the parts and related drawings are now separated.

Then I just rename the ABC01x back to ABC01 and I have 2 parts (identical) and 2 drawings - one for each part.

Then I can make the changes to part ABC02 with the ABC02 drawing following that part and not ABC01.


When I try this in SW it seems that everything works except all I get is view outlines were all my views were with lines (forming an X in the view) from the corners.

When I got to the file menu and select find references it shows the drawing and the part both in the list with the new names.

If I select a view and then select the Open part it will open the new part file with no problems.

It will even display annotations in some of the views if I go to those views and select to import the annotations.


I'm sure it's something simple but I just can't find it.