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    Restructure assembly files and references

    Will Jaffray

      I would like to move an entire assembly to a different part of my server. When I use the pack and go function, it maintains a long line of parent folders that contain nothing but the subsequent folder. I don't want to flatten the structure, but I would like to simplify the folder tree. Is there a way to do this without breaking references?



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          Kieran Choy

          When you choose not to flatten the structure, for some reasone pack and go will include all folders right back to the root directory.


          So if the top-level SLDASM file is in D:\Projects\123-456\SolidWorks, you will get all of these folders recreated in the zip or moved directory.


          It is safe to remove the folders above the top-level SLDASM files - in this case you only need to maintain the contents of the SolidWorks folders and can ignore or remove the Projects and 123-456 folders.


          Alternatively, when you Pack and Go, in the main window you can double-click in the cell listing each file's Save To Folder cell and specify a new directory.  Using the Select/Replace button will also save you a bunch of time. So you can choose to flatten, which removes the higher level folders, but then recreate the sub-folder structure, or move or rename files or folders all in one go.