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Drawing won't open properly, can't reference to document

Question asked by Jeremy Waldner on Feb 20, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2013 by Jeremy Waldner

Hello everyone,

I am running SW 21012 sp2, and have started experiencing strange issues with drawings.


When opening drawings on our server, all the model views will be empty, save for boxes with dashed X's (edit...I cleared the checkboxes in tools>option>system option>advanced and I now get prompted to point to the referenced file. The reference does not seem to get saved when I save the drawing, though, as the same thing happens when I close everything and try opening it again) where the model items should be. This happens with both assembly drawings and part drawings.


If I have the assembly or part open that the drawing references, then the drawing will load fine. It also loads properly when I select both the part and drawing as well.


These same drawings open and reference properly on other computers in our system.

I can move these files onto my computer and open them locally, and the drawing will find the part it is referenced to properly.




I have tried everything explained here to no avail.



when I go to open file dialogue, select the drawing, and click the 'reference' button, I get and error. "Cannot edit file reference. Either file is not a valid Solidworks document, or has not been saved in Solidworks 97 or later."



I have since upgraded to SP5, and it has made no difference.