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Configuration specific design table update problems

Question asked by Martin Miller on Feb 20, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2019 by Chris Appleby

Hi all,


I am having a problem which is sending me round the bend. I apologise because I know this has been asked before however I have read all of the threads regarding weight updating problems and I still cannot get a list of weights for all of my configurations which is updated.


I am using SW2011 SP4.0 and have a part which has over 50 configurations all of which I need to get the weights to do some rough costing.


I have been through and added Configuration specific properties for material and weight to all the configs which took way too long. However when I try to go back and look at the values or look at them in the design table I auto created I get the star* with the message *Calculated the next time the configuration is active.




I have tried a couple of macros to run through and update all the parts which unfortunalely is of no help at all.


The first one I tried was one which forces a rebuild of all the configurations and the second is one which updates all design tables.


This is the design table as I have it now after trying several things to get it to work including trying to add $SW-MASS as a column header



Everytime I leave the DT I am getting the balloon saying The following custom properties were not updated.




The long way round would be to open up each configuration activate the config specific properties and hand write the weight down to later copy up into a spreadsheet however after I have done this part there are several other parts which I need to do the same for and this will take me days


I hope this is making sense.


I suppose the question would be: Is there another simple way to get a list of all configuration part weights?