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    Plugin to convert .dwg and .slddrw file into .PNG or JPG

    Kyle Eckhardt

      My IT department has ask me to post this for you guys and see what you think.  We are a large component manufacture and have been in the business of making parts since the early 1950's.  Needless to say we have thousands of drawings in our system.  Back in the early 1990's there was a major over haul to convert all our hard line drawings into .dwg files so 95% of our drawings are in .dwg format.  in the last 5 years or so we have implimented solidworks and starting using .slddrw files.  These drawing file are all located on a networked drive.  The probelm we have is getting the drawings to our machine shops and metal foundrys.  The business system we are using is Genero and it uses a central data base to translate inforamtion for all of us to use.  Every depart uses the same bussiness system Genero.  In Genero all our drawings number are tied to items numbers in a very large data base.  Currently our system is set up so that when a work order is issued Gerero goes out finds the drawing and it is printed on the back of the work order.  The probelm is that Genero can't read .dwg or .slddrw files in their native format.  We in the engineering depart have to make an image file of the drawing that Genero can read.  For auto cad it is a .plt file and for solidworks it is a .jpg file.  This image file is a hassel becasue everytime we make new drawing or reveisons to old drawings we have to update the image file and make sure the native drawing file matches the image file.  Our IT deparment is wanting to know if there is a plugin that Genero can use to automaticaly convert drawing files into image files so we don't have to maintain two types of drawing files for the same drawing.  It would also help clean up some hard drive space ( each jpg is appoximately 10MB X several thousand drawings).  Any ideas would be much appriciated.





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          Vicky Michael

          Hi Kyle,


          I'm not familiar with the Genero product and quite frankly after Googling it... still not.  But anyway, how does it "read" the image files and what is it looking for?  How does it search for an image?  It sounds like it would be looking for a part number by way of the work order.  Wouldn't it be a function of the drawing format to export the drawing number to a database or excel file and let it search that way?  Couldn't the database then be linked to the SW drawing?  Maybe I am way off base but it could be food for thought for you and your IT depart.  Otherwise I would suggest forcing all users to "Resize" their image formats so it doens't bog down the system unless the higher resoution is a requirement?



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              Kyle Eckhardt



              Thanks for your responce.  Genero is an Informix based sofware by IBM that provides  a unverisal system for translating and manuipulating large data base.  Our IT guys use this to write custom programs that we use in our day to day business, such as keeping track of a time clock, or displaying warehouse stock levels, or in this case printing work orders for the machine shop and foundry.  Below is an example of one window of Genero.  As you can see the item has a description, item number, drawing number (machine drawing), and casting drawing number.  In a different Genero program a work order is written or generated automaticialy because of low stock levels for a particular item number.  Genero goes and find all the data needed for that work order.  It compiles it into a form and sends the information to a printer or computer screen.  The problem is that Genero does do reconize .dwg and .slddrw files like say e-drawings does.  So we have to save they files in a format that genero does reconize like a .jpg or a .png.  Our ultimate goal to have a program that can be executed by genero that will open and convert drawwing file into a .png or .jpg so Genero can print it with a work order.  I wish e-drawings had a plugin that would allow you to do this.  Of course we can manually find the drawing and open it in e-drawings and print it manually but we have spoiled our shop with automated work orders with drawings already attached.  We also need the high resolution because it is printed on the back of a full size sheet of paper.  We have tried to lower the resolution but it makes it hard to read when printed. 


              Genero Example.PNG