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Design study of interference detection not work properly

Question asked by Albert Rius on Feb 20, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2019 by Anurag M.

Hello mates,


I am facing problems when I try to use the design study module of SW2012.


As I could see on the website the design study theorically can only check Mass properties, Dimension & Simulation data but, on the aplication it seems to be able to do other kind of studies like intereference detection, proximity...


For this reason I tried to used this Interference detection funcionality on the Design Study module and it's being impossible to me to get an outcome. As I do this study, the only result I get is the mass of the assembly. At the same time I can see an error on the Interference Sensor when it's updating (something like 'Data not available).


To help anyone who wants to understand what's my problem exactly, I attach a simple test I did to test this module. There you will be able to see the mass outcome when I'm asking for Interference and some pictures.


I'm not sure if this option of this powerful CAD software is not available by the moment but I guess if it appears on the opitions It should work.


I'd be grateful if anyone can bring me any solution regarding this issue because it's too important for me to get it working as it would help me to minimize a lot the time I will need to check collisions (understood as interference in this case).


Thank you in advance!