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    eDrawings / API question

    Peter Rimkus



      We develop a Gold Partner addin, and a request came to us asking if it's possible to save to an eDrawing the additional display that we add to the SW window when our addin is loaded (3D CAM "toolpath" data).

      I'm tending to think the answer is no, but it's worth a shot.


      Likewise, we produce a standalone version of our product...how would we begin to go about developing a tool so that we can be included among the SolidWorks eDrawings Publishers like Catia and AutoCAD?


      Thanks in advance,

      Pete Rimkus

      CNC Software, Inc.

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          Artem Taturevych

          First question is 'NO'. eDrawings is just a viewer of display and meta data. So it is quite limited in the functionality.


          What about the second question. If I correctly understand you like to add your own format to eDrawings supported formats, is that correct? If so I think you should work with SolidWorks directly because this integration should be implemented internally in the eDrawings.



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