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    Question about STEP import into SW

    Samuel Leith


      I have a question regarding importing assemblies in STEP format, into Solidworks.


      Before (on SW 2011), I remember SW would create individual part files for all parts contained in the Step assembly, and save these in the same folder that the step file was in.

      Now (now on SW 2012), I notice that SW opens up the STEP assembly, but does not create all these part files.


      Also, I have a customer who sent us a Step file of an assembly. When opened in SW, the import procedure ranames all the parts to the same name (in this case "WIP") followed by an underscore and a sequencial number.


      If the same step file is opened in TopSolid, the correct part filenames are retained.


      So now that all the parts have been renamed when I open the Step assembly, I have no way of communicating with the customer because the imported parts have not kept the names that were initially assigned to them.


      How can the bahaviour be controlled?



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          Lenny Bucholz

          just did a step in SW2012 and it brought in the part with their names, was a step AP214 file

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              Samuel Leith

              Hi Lenny,

              you're right, and I later noticed that sometimes SW auto-ranames parts that are part of a STEP assembly that is being imported, and sometimes original part names are retained.


              It must have something to do with the SW Step importer, and some setting related to the Step file.


              About the import behavior though: SW used to automatically create all the part files in the same folder as the Step during import. It does not do that anymore. Any idea how to change these settings?

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                  Lenny Bucholz

                  I looked at the help file and the whats new and SW2012 doesn't do that automaticaly anymore, I believe this is because they added the option in an assembly of keeping any new parts interal to the assembly until you want to make the part be external. if that makes sense??


                  so you would have to right mouse on the parts in the assembly tree and set to external and where you want them saved. guess it saves on file size or you may only need one or two parts to work on istead of all parts??? also saves on not having to include all the parts if you had to send the s\assembly to someone else they are internal.


                  this is how I see it....



                  now that i have played with it more all you have to do is save as to where you want to save the files.


                  as for naming the parts, that would have to come from the system\software that wrote the file, if it isn't in their then SW makes it's own names.SW can only read what it is given from the exporting software.



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