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    Solidworks taking too much RAM first, but then takes very little !!!

    Tayseer Almattar



      I am having a problem starting up Solidworks (2013)! When I start Solidworks (no files open). The software ram usage starts increasing till the computer freezes and I get forced to end close the software! It ends up taking 4.5 GB from my ram when the computer freezes (probably because it wants to take more)



      To fix this, I usually open the program two times, then I "End The Process" the first opened one (with increasing ram) using task manager. After that, the other one would usually work fine taking around 43,000K from the memory (no files open). However, the software would then be realtiviely slow. I have noted that Solidworks RAM consumption doesn't increase much while Solidworks would turn very slow while doing patterns or other functions. Is this considered normal!? I have a relatively new Alienware laptop with core i7 processor, NVIDIA GeForce GT555M graphics and 6GB RAM, but Solidworks doesn't seem to use much of that when running...



      Thanks a lot for your help