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From Rhinoceros 4 (T-splines) to SW

Question asked by W. Dv on Feb 19, 2013
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Today I wanted to put a model I built in Rhinoceros using T-splines to get tested in solidworks' windtunnel. I got the plugin for t-splines in solidworks. There were several things I could do, namely:

Rhino:  -> export selected as .3dm

           -> export selected as .tsm

Then i go to SW t-splines plugin and press open and choose the .tsm file. Then it keeps on saying that there's no body or something How to fix that?



If I select to export it as .tsm (and had my model exploded) it makes like 60 new files of which i dont know how to bring together in solidworks as you cant open them all together.

How to connect those?


Thank you very much