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Water Inlet into Air Subdomain Issue

Question asked by Jonathan Stevenson on Feb 18, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2013 by Jared Conway

Hello, this is my first venture into the Flow Simulation add-in, and I'm having a few issues.


I'm simply trying to model a box filled with air and a solid cylinder in the middle.  From the top water will enter the chamber through a series of small holes, the water will then drain through the drain on the bottom.  In practice it is desired for the chamber to maintain an interior air temperature of 100 C, so I'm trying to see how the introduction of room temperature water will cool down the system and to ensure it will still be able to keep a consistent 100 C using the heaters which are on the outside of the chamber, sandwiched between the stainless steel chamber body and the exterior insulation.


My issues are:


1.  How to have a boundary region that provides water volume/mass inflow into an air sub-domain.  In my current attempt I tried making water the default fluid, and making the chamber interior an air sub-domain, but when I tried to add boudary conditions the inlet fluid was air, not water, and there is no option to select otherwise.  The only way I've found to kind of do this is the oil droplet example found in the fluid simulation tutorial, but I don't think that's appropriate since I don't want to study the droplets, or their patterns.  Just their overall effect on the system's and the interior air's temperature.


2.  I also have been getting the warning: A vortex crosses the pressure opening” regarding my drain which is simply an environmental pressure opening.  I extended the length of the drain thinking that might help.  I've read this warning comes when the same opening has inflow and outflow, but it should only have outflow in this case.


I've attached my model along with the flow simulation setup I've been trying to get to work.  Thanks for any help or suggestions, they would be much appreciated.