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Mold design, tooling split, derived configurations

Question asked by Stephen Brett on Feb 17, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2013 by JOHN GEORGE

Hi All


I have a base mould which i have modled in sw I have then created a mold split using part line, shut off surface, parting surface then tooling split.


All works great!


When i hide the base mould this gives me a 3d model of what the resin fill will look like when the mold is poured and then base mould is extracted.


The problem i have!


I have 6 derived configurations of this with diffenent hole deepths and diameters.


When I change from one to the next the shut off surface of the changed holes in each config is missing


can you have derived config of varied hole sizes and deepth with tooling split?


File attached,


hide core surface bodies, shutoff2[1]

hide dolid bodies, parting line1


this will show what i want in the assy

then switch through the derived parts