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Efficient way to "close" a loft?

Question asked by Charles Has No Last Name on Feb 16, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2013 by Charles Has No Last Name

Hello all,


I am trying to model a wing-like shape by creating a loft from cross-sectional sketches. The end of the wing needs to be rounded but due to the way I've done the loft, I am forced to "close" the wing by adding a secondary loft. I am redrawing the last cross sectional sketch, splitting it into two, and creating a loft out of these two sketches (guided along the profile of the tip).


Is there a way to include the wing tip from within the first loft? The reason I ask is because with the current approach you can see a difference between the first and second lofts, which will cause a problem when I attempt run a CFD analysis.


I have attached a pdf with images prior to the addition of the second loft, and after adding it.


Thank you!