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Automatic PDF From Task to Released State

Question asked by Matt Camacho-Cook on Feb 15, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2017 by Daniel Schleicher

I currently have convert to PDF tasks that execute during transitions when drawings move from a "work in progress" state to an "approved" state.  The PDFs are created just fine without any trouble.  The problem I have is that they get placed into the vault in my initial workflow state of "work in progress".  This causes confusion and now the PDFs that have been approved for production are in a state where anyone could edit/delete them.  What's the proper way to get an automatically generated PDF from an approved drawing to match the approved drawing's state?  I'm sure I could make a separate workflow where all PDFs go straight to an "approved" state, but that quickly defeats the purpose when someone adds a PDF on their own.


Is there some kind of setting I'm missing along the lines of "if this file was automatically created by a task during transition then match it's workflow state to the parent file"?


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