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    Automatic PDF From Task to Released State

    Matt Camacho-Cook

      I currently have convert to PDF tasks that execute during transitions when drawings move from a "work in progress" state to an "approved" state.  The PDFs are created just fine without any trouble.  The problem I have is that they get placed into the vault in my initial workflow state of "work in progress".  This causes confusion and now the PDFs that have been approved for production are in a state where anyone could edit/delete them.  What's the proper way to get an automatically generated PDF from an approved drawing to match the approved drawing's state?  I'm sure I could make a separate workflow where all PDFs go straight to an "approved" state, but that quickly defeats the purpose when someone adds a PDF on their own.


      Is there some kind of setting I'm missing along the lines of "if this file was automatically created by a task during transition then match it's workflow state to the parent file"?


      Thanks in advance,


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          Tim Webb

          Hi Matt,


          Here's an approach I've used before:


          On your PDF file card, add a variable called "File Destination" or something similar.


          In the workflow transition from "work in progress" to "approved" you may have to add a secondary transition for "slddrw" files only and add a set variable action to set the variable "File Destination" to "approved".


          In your convert to PDF task, in the step "File Card", set the variable value of the output file's card "File Destination" variable to the source file "File Destination" variable.

          convert task.JPG

          Lastly, add an automatic transition from the initial state in the workflow to the "approved" state with 2 conditions 1) Filepath %.PDF and 2) "File Destination" variable value "approved". This should restrict the transition to only files your programming has made prior arrangements for.

          automatic transition.JPG


          Make sure the workflow governing the folder where the PDF gets created is the workflow you add the automatic transition.


          This should do the trick. Try it and let us know if it does the trick.



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            Amos Avery

            First, we have a separate workflow for PDFs because our CAD data has lots of approvals and processes that are not needed for PDFs.  Our PDF workflow has a starting State called "Pending Release".  The user must change the State of the PDF to "Released For Production" which gives them the opportunity to add dynamic notifications to others who might be interested in the release of the drawing and have a link to it in an email.  Without this notification feature requirement, Tim's suggestion is a good solution and I have used a similar approach to automatically move PDF files into special States for Customer Approval when the variable is checked.

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              Matt Camacho-Cook

              Tim and Amos, thank you very much for your suggestions.  A couple other projects came up this past week, but I'll hopefully have time to try Tim's suggestion this weekend.  I'll get back with my results either way.



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                Matt Camacho-Cook

                Hi Tim,


                I finally got around to implementing your suggestion (sorry it's been almost a month).  Everything seems to be working as I had hoped.  I ran into a few permissions issues at first, but they seem to be corrected now.  I went ahead and implemented your suggestion for my IGES auto-generated files as well.


                Thanks again for the help.