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    select dimension by mouse

    Shousheng Wang

      I want to make program by add dimension special tolerance from comany database. so I want pick up the dimension from drawing and add this dimension into text box in a small form, after that,select tolreance by this dimension from database,then add to solidwork drawing. however, I do not how to pick up dimension from drawing. I use C# toprogram.



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          Artem Taturevych

          I would implement something like selection box in SolidWorks property manager pages. Either listen for a DDrawingDocEvents_NewSelectionNotifyEventHandler to monitor all the selection or just use the update button on your form to load the currently selected dimension on-demand. Then just call the SelectionMgr::GetSelectedObject6 and you will get the pointer to IDisplayDimension Interface. Now you can work with it: change properties, extract values, names etc.



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