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    SDWX home use copy from my job?

    D. R

      Hello everyone,


      Thanks in advance for answers to my question. Some of you most likely have personal experience you can share in this issue.


      I use Solidworks in my drafting job which I have been at for six months now, and at home I have a copy of the Solidworks student edition which is set to expire pretty soon.


      I do not have money available to purchase a copy of SolidWorks myself. My Solidworks teacher once told me that when you purchase

      Solidworks, you receive a copy that you can use at home in addition to a copy you can use at home.


      I am wondering if it is considered acceptable to ask my work if they could let me use one of these "home" copies that they can probably get.


      Have any of you done this before? How did it go?



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          John Burrill

          D.R. this is from the end-user's license agreement

          "If the Software is permanently installed on the hard disk or other storage device of a computer (other than a network server) and one person uses that computer more than 80% of the time it is in use, then that person may also use the Software on a portable or home computer while the original copy is not in use."

          Solidworks will allow you to activate a serial number on two seperate machines.

          You should get your bosses permission, but the only things you need to install the software on your machine at home are your serial number and a copy of the software (which you can download from the Solidworks Customer Portal).  Install and activate the software and you're good to go.

          As a final note, you can't use the files created from the Student edition with the commercial edition or vice versa.