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    Exporting STEP file to include points/nodes for several drilled holes

    Johnny Dep

      Hello everyone, and Thank You in advanced for helping!

      What I have: A Solidworks v2013 model with thousands of bristles spaced @ .05" in X and Y to eventually be plastic injection molded. I am exporting a STEP file for the mold maker but is useless to include all of those bristles (and incredibly large, besides I am only able to model a portion for development) I figured it is best to export the STEP file with sketch points at every location of a bristle. But since STEP exportation does not include sketches, what are my options? How do you get all those points translated to cnc software?


      Thanks for helping,


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          Lenny Bucholz

          Most CAM software will take in the the surfaces and wire frame from the step file. If you make a drawing from the part and add a note telling the moldmaker that it is a .05 X .05 retangular pattern buy how many in the X and how many in the Y all you have to do is model a few of the bristles for the shape of them, any good molder can read the drawing along with the model. Trust them.


          if you also save an iges, you can check a box that will include sketches. the more you send the more options the toolmaker has to complete the job.


          and if the molder has SW or the CAM software that can read the SW file directly they'll be able to do even more. Surfcam can read SW parts and get all the sketch geom on its own layer, do this every day.

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              Johnny Dep

              Lenny, Thank You for your response. Along with SW files and STEP, I will provide an iges file, to include the sketch points. I have already provided details for bristle spacing in X and Y in a sample area, as you suggested. However, I am creating letters by having bristles omitted to form the letters. And the corners are rounded so more bristles will be omitted in corners, to follow the rounded shape. I feel a model with sketch points, or a sketch overlay with all the points will show the mold maker where a bristle is/is not to be formed, rather that dimensioning stop/start of bristles that form the letters.


              1) Are they referred to as "bristles"? Want to get my terminology right.


              2) How are all those "bristles" made? I am assuming holes are drilled in mold half. I was also told that sometimes bristles are formed by having a bed of round pins, and the space between the pins is what forms the bristles. sounds more complicated to me. The bristle diameter is .02" with a .05" spacing, so I don't see how that would be possible.


              Thanks Again!