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How do I distinguish data types with similiar file extensions (and incorporate serial numbers)?

Question asked by It Admin on Feb 15, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2013 by It Admin

Hi there,


I feel my issue should already be a feature incorporated into EPDM 2012, but can't seem to wrap my head around the methodology involved.


I have a folder structure made up of 7+ projects. Within each project folder are sub-folders incorporating Work Orders and Contracts, for example, both are word documents and are numbered as follows:

Work Order - WOxxxx where xxxx is a serial number

Contracts - Conxxxx where xxxx is another serial number


The file attached shows the folder structure a little better. What I need to do is identify (somehow) different file types (with the same file extensions) and then apply a serial number to them (on a vault level). I know this is a pretty simple process if it was applied on a sub-folder level, however, I want the 1st Work Order (lets say from project 1) to be WO0001 and the 2nd Work Order (from project 3 for example) to be WO0002, etc. Similar deal goes for contracts and other document with similiar file extensions.


Thanks a lot, and help is appreciated.