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Equations in assemblies

Question asked by James Gonier on Feb 15, 2013
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Can anyone direct me to a complete list of VB operators, functions and constants syntax that solidworks understands and uses aside from the small list in the help section? I know I can use the "round" function, yet that's not on the list in solidworks help, so I'm wondering just what others I can use that the help section doesn't show. I am trying to use a custom property template to fill in the information needed to build the assembly and I am using equations to take that information entered to populate that information into my assembly properties to build the assembly. It's working good so far, but I am looking for better functions to use to stream line it even more but am having a hard time tracking down a complete list of allowed expressions I can use.


I called my reseller tech support and the best they could do is point me to the help file I already looked at.


Any help would be great.


Thanks in advance.