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    Dual Monitors Issue

    Anthony Patterson

      I typically keep SW open on my #2 screen and do all my other stuff on the #1 screen (the one with the desktop). When I have it set up like that, all my pop-up dialogue windows show up on the #1 screen. And also if I select "Browse Open Documents", it gets really funky (see attached). If I put SW on the #1 screen, it is fine. Can anyone help me out? I had it working for a little while after a system reboot, but then it went back to acting up again. I know I could stop being stubborn and just leave SW on the #1 screen, but I'd rather fix the problem than ignore it. Thanks.



      SolidWorks 2012 sp5

      Windows 7 Enterprise

      AMD Radeon 6570

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          John Sutherland

          The Browse command seems to think your monitors are aligned vertically.


          Is there something in your Control Panel Display settings that might cause this?


          Does some part of SW remember when your monitors were aligned vertically?

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              Anthony Patterson

              No. My computer was setup with dual monitors from the first time it was turned on - before SW was even installed. There is an "orientation" setting in the control panel (landscape or portrait) and of course it is set to landscape. In SW I have view>>workspace>>dual monitors selected - don't know of any other settings in SW that might help.

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              Aj Leon

              Take a look in your video card software. There is probably a setting in there to show all dialoge boxes on one screen as well as other settings you probably want to look through.

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                John Kreutzberger

                First of all, it doesn't look you have an approved video card for SW. I have also found that for some reason, SW behaves more predictably if it is on the primary monitor. It has been several years since I tried it any other way so that may have changed.

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                  John Burrill

                  Anthony, my setup is similar to yours and I've noticed many of the same issues with dialog boxes that you've described-although I can't reproduce you problem with the browse dialog.  I think for the issue of dialogs opening off-screen, you just have to deal with it.  The only treatment I can suggest is to periodically use copy settings wizard to export your solidworks settings when you've got the windows where you want them and then re-image those settings when the placement is too out-of-wack.  In my case, it gets worse because I work on a laptop most of the time and when I undock it, Solidworks still places the dialog boxes on the disconnected second monitor.  In those situations, having a sldreg file to reset the windows is really important.

                  Now, about your browse dialog box issue.  That might be related to your display management software.  I'm using the ACER software that came with my monitor and it aint too great.  What video card driver and display software are you using?