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Creating correct shape lense to fit into Assembly

Question asked by Piet Morgan on Feb 15, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2013 by Jerry Steiger



I am new to solidworks, and appreciate the help!


I have created the black part, shown below, with the holes in it using "surface loft" and "thicken". I would like to create lenses that fit perfectly into the holes ( which are irregularly shaped due to the curve of the part ). I have created a lense of the right diameter, as a new part (shown hovering above a hole below), however I cannot figure out how to get it to curve and fit the hole perfectly.


I have been able to use "filled surface" and then "thicken" to fill the hole exactly, but I am unable to isolate this filled bit and turn it into a seperate part.


Please help me figure out how to make seperate lenses that fit the holes perfetcly


Many thanks!!